Agile is our way of life.

We practice Agile at work, when delivering value to customers, and even at home.

Agile at work

Our Agile practices at work go far beyond daily standups.  We are always optimizing better ways to connect with each other, collaborate, and deliver value as a high performance team.


We are experimenting with virtual team collaboration, learning agility, and lean principles.


One of our current projects is building a cloud-based meeting facilitation tool to help remote teams run their meetings better.

Agile for customers

It’s easy to understand that Agile practices can benefit the entire business, not just product development.


But it’s also really difficult to understand how to make the culture and process shifts happen to create a business-level Agile implementation.  That’s where we come in.


We offer assessments, customized training, and on-going coaching to plan, strategize, and build a sustainable Agile culture.

Agile at home

It’s hard to turn off the Agile spigot, so instead we embrace it.


We run lean budgeting experiments for our home finances, use a Kanban board for family activities, and we’re exploring other new ideas all the time!


See what we’re up to with Agile at Home.