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Building teams through purposeful hiring

I think it’s a reasonable given that we understand the need to find and hire the “best” employees possible.  Knowing how to do this, however, is the more-than-elusive goal many people struggle with, myself included. Over time, I have studied … Read More

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Building a high performance team with Glue Leaders

As a team leader, or as a director of multiple teams, do you find yourself searching for ways to build the holy grail of all teams, the “high performance team?” Or, you’re frustrated, because you’ve created, or been on, a … Read More

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Mistakes aren't a necessary evil. They aren't evil at all. They are an inevitable consequence of doing something new.

Ed Catmull, President of Disney and Pixar Animation Studios, Creativity, Inc.
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Family Kanban board

Putting Kanban Boards to work at home

Kanban boards have really grown in popularity on business teams.  Kanban was originally created by Taiichi Ohno in Japan, and was originally developed for manufacturing applications.  Today, dozens of applications other than manufacturing are benefitting from Kanban’s ability to make … Read More

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Can you, and should you, measure team culture?

It’s becoming a given that team culture in organizations is mission critical.  At the risk of overquoting the quote, Peter Drucker says, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”  There are more articles appearing that tout the benefits of a “good” team … Read More

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