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Meetopia, creating meeting utopia

Meetopia is your always-present virtual meeting facilitator.  Meetopia is a web application that provides the structure and flow to help virtual meetings be productive.  

Leading a meeting is a role all by itself.  Properly facilitating a meeting is the same thing, it’s a dedicated role.  Unfortunately, many times the leader ends up trying to facilitate at the same time, doing both poorly.  

Let Meetopia serve as your virtual meeting facilitator so you can focus on leading.

Remote team meeting

Meetopia is your virtual meeting assistant

Running any meeting is hard.  Running a virtual meeting with remote teams is even harder.  Meetopia’s smart, efficient design helps you get the meeting done, and done right.

  • Meetopia’s meeting flow mimics our industry-leading Agile Meeting Facilitation framework
  • Meetopia has all of your favorite team collaboration tools like dot voting and fist-of-five voting
  • Meetopia monitors key behaviors of meeting participants and gives real-time, context-relevant suggestions to improve collaboration

Beta test Meetopia today

We are currently testing Meetopia with select users.  If you would like to test Meetopia’s early features with your virtual meetings, please contact us!

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