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We believe Agile business practices are the best way to efficiently discover and maintain a lock on how to delight customers.

We've worked with dozens of companies that struggle to extend Agile's benefits beyond their product development teams so we know how hard it is to instill a business-wide culture that enables Agile to thrive across all departments.

Let us help your business experience the intrinsic pride and joy of continuously delivering real value to your customers!



Agile Training and Coaching

You’ve read the books on Agile.  You want to increase the odds of building products that your customers actually want.  You want to get your products to market faster.  Bottom line, you’re sold on the promise of Agile, but you’re not sure how to get there.  We can help.  We’ll help you transform your culture so that

  • All of your employees understand and internalize your business’ core reason for why it exists.  This is usually the corporate vision, but it’s rarely done right.  We’ll help you create a strong, compelling “big why” that excites your employees.
  • Leaders learn how to enable success in the new “knowledge worker” era.  In particular, learning how to invert the authority pyramid to push authority and decision making accountability to those closest to the front lines.
  • Repeatable success is achieved because of rigorous team collaboration practices, not from a handful of superstars performing game winning catches.
  • Your business is constantly increasing customer value in small increments informed by ongoing customer dialogue.
  • Your business operations are optimized to maximize the speed of wow’ing customers, not to minimize risk of loss.

Agile coaching and training

Agile Coaching

Agile coaching is often, but not always, a complementing offering to training.  Even the best Agile training should be followed by long-term coaching to assist the team in cementing many of the concepts and techniques learned during training.  Coaching is not the same as Consulting.  Agile Coaching practices focus on helping the recipient discover their own strengths and insights, versus consulting which often presents the Consultant as the subject matter expert.  By guiding a Coachee in their own self-discovery, the odds of knowledge retention and satisfaction are much higher compared to being taught by traditional methods.

  • Our Coaches are experts in the process of coaching and facilitation first, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t domain experts.  Our Coaches have worked in a wide variety of industries ranging from technology to education and hospitality.
  • We serve as sounding boards and facilitators, asking questions that encourage deep introspection, holding team members accountable while maintaining a safe space to explore and experiment with new ideas and concepts.

Agile Training

Agile training is best when you need to train a lot of your employees or team members at once.  Having everyone receive the same training increases the odds that the team will develop shared language, processes, and behaviors, which can improve team dynamics and behaviors.

  • Our training is highly experiential because we’ve found that Agile is best learned by doing, not listening.  The goal is to “be” Agile, not “do” Agile.
  • Our training is customized to fit the needs of your team’s current staffing, business climate, and desired outcomes.

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Dr. Virtually A. Guru

Meet Dr. Virtually A. Guru, our resident expert in making virtual team meetings better.  Visit him in his clinic; he’ll ask you some questions, diagnose your virtual meeting condition, then prescribe tips to improve your specific situation.

Dr Virtually A Guru

Rapid diagnosis

Get to the bottom of your virtual meeting problems right now.  All Dr. Guru needs is a few minutes of your time to answers 20 questions.

Instant prescription with actionable tips

Dr. Guru will give you an on-the-spot assessment of your diagnosis, with a prescription full of tips, custom created based on your unique diagnosis.  His tips can usually be implemented right away in your next meeting.

He’s got time in his schedule now if you’d like to meet with him.

See the Doc!

Business Agility Assessment Lite

Want to visualize what elements are helping and hurting your business agility transformation?  Ask us for a quick 15 minute demo with our Agility Readiness Canvas Lite (aka ARC) assessment.

Agility Readiness Canvas showcase

Business Sprints

After you get your ARC assessment, what happens next?  The exciting, long, and often confusing journey of leading the transformation of your business.  Let us work with you to craft your transformation strategy, and coach you through your first few change experiments, which we call Business Sprints.

  • How to design your Business Sprints to maximize learning and minimize cost of failure
  • How to sequence your Business Sprints for maximum impact
  • How to communicate the benefits of the Business transformation to your stakeholders

Full ARC assessment

If you thought ARC lite was enlightening, then please consider contacting us for a full ARC assessment.

  • More in-depth survey questions
  • 1:1 interviews with select stakeholders to extract subjective information
  • Financial and key ratio analysis from the perspective of agility

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